About Us

For over 45 years,

Phil’s Lockshop Inc. has been a committed family owned business. Our mission, to provide quality products to secure the safety of you, your family, and your possessions. We provide services to all forms of commercial buildings to the standard residential home. Whether it is a simple rekey to an installation of a new access control system, you can count on us to provide quality products and services.

Dale – CEO
Mike – Service Manager

304 E. Main 1976-1978
306 E. Main 1978-1996

360 E. Main 1996-2014

180 Hall Ave. 2014-Present

Early on

Before there even was a brick and mortar store, the first two years of our business was done out of a hardware store called Raven Hardware. Then after we had an established a base for our clients, we moved across to an available space at 304 E. Main. Refencing the timeline above, is Phil’s Lockshop throughout the years to present time.


Located in Meriden, we provide services with all the updated tools, products and training as the years pass. Need to update your Knobsets to impress your family visiting? Require duplicate keys to your new car? Or maybe even an installation for an access control system on a commercial space to regulate visitors. No matter the number of years pass, Phil’s Lockshop Inc. is Your True Local Locksmith.

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