How secure are your locks?

  • Is the bolt 1 inch in length with a solid steel pin?
  • Tamper resistant?
  • Have concealed screws?
    Pro-Tip: It may be time to have a professional provide Quotes and options available to increase the security of your home.

Who has ever held possession of the keys to your house?

  • Previous Owners
  • Relators
  • Family members
  • Friends
    Pro-Tip: The more people who had access to your home, the greater chance of a duplicate or your key getting into unwanted hands.

Why should you change your current locks?

  • Provided you are using a quality made product, it will be your first line of defense to your home on keeping unwanted guests out!
    Remember – If your security system’s alarm goes off, it’s too late!
  • If the home hasn’t been rekeyed since a new family moved into it, imagine how many other people could have had access to it. This makes it as a risk to safety and security of its current occupants and assets.

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